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BioBizz soil + hydroponic nutrients kit

BioBizz soil + hydroponic nutrients kit

59,90 €

18,43 € per 1l

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The BioBizz Starter set. Everything you need
for purely organic fertilisation.

The ultimate complete solution for all friends of organic fertilisers: All of the BioBizz products required to successfully cultivate nearly every plant from germination to fruition - all for an unbeatable price for the set!

Consisting of a growth/base fertiliser, a bloom booster, root and flowering stimulators, this package leaves nothing to be desired for ambitious organic gardeners.

The dosage instructions from the manufacturer explain the exact times for the correct application for various types and amounts of fertiliser.

BioBizz is a completely organic fertiliser with no artificial ingredients.

Note: For optional foliar feeding, we recommend the completely organic Fish Mix nitrogen fertiliser from BioBizz.

BioBizz soil + hydroponic nutrients kit

Manufacturer: BioBizz

Delivery contents:

1x BioBizz Root-Juice, root stimulator, 250ml
1x BioBizz Bio-Grow, growth fertiliser, 1 litre
1x BioBizz Bio-Bloom bloom additive, 1 litre
1x BioBizz Top-Max bloom stimulator, 1 litre

Weight: 3.3kg