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BioBizz Trypack Indoor, 3x250ml

BioBizz Trypack Indoor, 3x250ml

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BioBizz Trypack Indoor: Organic plant nutrition for up to 4 plants.

BioBizz Trypacks are perfect for all beginner indoor growers. The indoor starter set from BioBizz provides ample nutrition for up to 4 plants in 250ml bottles of liquid fertiliser.

BioBizz Bio Grow lays the foundation for strong plant growth and lush, healthy chlorophyll. BioBizz fertilisers are 100%, which almost eliminates the possibility of overfertilisation. Beginners in particular are usually very satisfied with the results from BioBizz products, as they practically eliminate the possibility of overfertilising the plant due to the fertilisers? organic nature.

BioBizz Bio Bloom serves as a supplement to the Bio Grow base fertiliser and delivers all of the nutrients important to the flower/fruit formation phase. The high phosphorus and potassium content gives the plant the power it needs for magnificent flower and fruit formation.

BioBizz Topmax is a bloom stimulator and helps to accelerate cell division. The increased concentration of fructose caused by Topmax leads to improved taste and a compact shape. 

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BioBizz Trypack Indoor, 250ml

Manufacturer: BioBizz

Container size: 250ml


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