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BioBizz Light-Mix, 50 litres with perlite

BioBizz Light-Mix, 50 litres with perlite

10,50 €

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The ideal soil mix to suit almost all needs.

BioBizz LIGHT-MIX is an extraordinary soil substrate for indoor use. Perfect for anybody who wishes to control the growth of their plants from the start by applying liquid fertilisers.

This soil mix is suitable for nearly all plant - even for those with a heightened need for nutrients. The loose consistency of this growing media and its light pre-fertilisation reduces the risk of overfertilisation of the growing media and of using up all of the nutrients. The light pre-fertilisation of the soil guaranteed quick root formation, and therefore quick growth as well. BioBizz LightMix is therefore well-suited for cuttings or seedlings.

The addition of perlite increases the storage capacity of the growing media.

BioBizz LightMix is designed to give optimal drainage, and is therefore well-suited for use with self watering systems.

Note: Due to the weight of the product and its low cost, there is an additional transport fee of ¤5 added to delivery orders of this product. As such, there are no additional delivery charges for large soil orders.

 Technical information

Manufacturer: BioBizz
EC = 1.2
pH = 6.2
Contents: 50 litres
Weight: approx. 15.75kg