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Bio Nova PK 13/14, 5 litres phosphorus fertiliser

Bio Nova PK 13/14, 5 litres phosphorus fertiliser

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Bio Nova PK 13/14: A quality phosphorus-potassium fertiliser for a healthy flowering phase.

PK 13/14 from Bio Nova is a nutrient additive for a flowering phase with remarkable fruit formation. The mineral compounds in this fertiliser are immediately available to the plant. This means that blooms are provided with the crucial nutrients phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) from the very start.

Phosphorus (P) is an indispensable element for nearly every kind of plant. It plays a key role in cell metabolism and energy transfer. In the flowering phase, extra phosphorus is needed. Phosphorus strengthens cell formation in flowers, among other things.

Potassium (K) essential for all activities in the plant related to transporting water and nutrient uptake. It improves the stability and quality of the plant and controls many processes, including the carbohydrate balance. In the flowering phase, potassium is primarily useful in ensuring that the plant is able to produce enough sugar.

With Bio Nova PK 13/14, plants develop larger, more dense, and sweeter flowers/fruits more quickly.

BN PK 13/14 has a purely mineral-based composition and can be used with any growing media.

Note: Gradually increase the dosage in the plant nutrition, as a rapid increase in P and K concentrations can cause too much sugar to be produced, which may lead to fruit or blossom-end rot in some plants.

Note: The manufacturer recommends a dosage of 2.5-10ml per 10 litres of irrigation water.

Bio Nova PK 13/14 phosphorus fertiliser, 5 litre

Manufacturer: Bio Nova

Usage: Phosphorus-potassium preparation to support the flower and fruit formation phase
Suitable growing media: All growing media.

Composition (N-P-K): 0-13-14

Manufacturer?s analysis:

Total nitrogen (N): 0%
Available phosphorus (P2O5): 13.0%
Soluble potassium (K2O): 14.0%

Container size: 5000 ml
Weight: approx. 5 kg