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Atami ATA soil, hydroponic nutrients kit

Atami ATA soil, hydroponic nutrients kit

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Everything a plant needs in a single set.
Easy application, unbeatable price.

With this hydroponic nutrients kit, Growmart has compiled all of the Atami components required for optimal plant growth - from germination to harvesting. Perfect for growing in soil or earth-like growing media, but is also suitable for hydro crops.

Comprising a root stimulator, growth fertiliser, bloom booster, bloom additive, and a multi-enzyme preparation, this Atami fertiliser set offers a convenient complete solution for growing in soil or similar growing media. The set also includes a bottle of ATA XL, a miracle product for growth and flowering, which rounds out the plant nutrition.

The components can be applied following the comprehensive feeding schedule provided by the manufacturer for ease, or as a starting point when the exact needs of the crop to be cultivated are not yet known.

The Atami fertiliser set includes purely mineral-based, quality ingredients. The nutrients are able to dissolve easily and be immediately absorbed by the plant.

Note: The components of this set may also be used in hydroponic systems. In doing so, we recommend that you also purchase a bottle of ATA Clean. This cleaning solution inhibits the formation of toxic mineral deposits which can occur in hydro systems.

Atami ATA soil, hydroponic nutrients kit

Manufacturer: Atami

Delivery contents:

1x Atami-B?Cuzz root stimulator, 250ml
1x Atami ATA Terra Leaves, growth fertiliser, 1 litre
1x Atami Terra Max, bloom booster, 1 litre
1x Atami PK 13-14, 1 litre bloom additive, 1 litre
1x Atami ATA XL, universal stimulator (growth & bloom), 1 litre
1x Atami Atazyme, enzyme preparation, 1 litre

Weight: approx. 5.3kg