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Atami ATA Coco, hydroponic nutrients kit

Atami ATA Coco, hydroponic nutrients kit

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Everything a plant needs in a single set.
Easy application, unbeatable price.

Coco coir substrates require a nutrient concept that is created especially for that medium. With this hydroponic nutrients kit, Growmart has compiled all of the Atami components required for optimal plant growth in coco coir which allows coco gardeners to get started straight away.

The key components of this coco set is the coco combination fertiliser Coco Max A + B, which is perfectly tailored for the special requirements of cultivation in coco coir. The A + B components are mixed in equal parts with water and applied in both the growth and flowering phases. These components meet all of the basic needs of the usually fast-growing cultivated plants in coco coir.

The set also includes a bottle of ATA XL, a miracle product for growth and flowering, which rounds out the plant nutrition, an effective multi-enzyme preparation, bloom additive (PK 13-14), as well as a highly effective root stimulator for the first weeks of the plant?s life.

The components can be applied following the comprehensive feeding schedule provided by the manufacturer for ease, or as a starting point when the exact needs of the crop to be cultivated are not yet known.

The Atami fertiliser set includes purely mineral-based, quality ingredients. The nutrients are able to dissolve easily and be immediately absorbed by the plant.

Note: The components of this set may also be used in hydroponic systems (when a coco-based substrate is used as a growing medium). In doing so, we recommend that you also purchase a bottle of ATA Clean. This cleaning solution inhibits the formation of toxic mineral deposits which can occur in hydro systems.

Atami ATA Coco, fertiliser kit

Manufacturer: Atami

Delivery contents:

1x Atami-B?Cuzz root stimulator, 250ml
1x Atami Coco Max A, growth- bloom booster, 1l
1x Atami Coco Max B, growth- bloom booster, 1l
1x Atami PK 13-14, 1 litre bloom additive, 1 litre
1x Atami ATA XL, universal stimulator (growth & bloom), 1 litre
1x Atami Atazyme, enzyme preparation, 1 litre

Weight: approx. 5.3kg