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Airpot, 5 Litres

Airpot, 5 Litres

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Airpot, 5 Litres

  • favours root growth
  • sustainably produced from recycled material
  • good aeration of the substrate
  • promotes plant health

The Air-Pot is the most innovative plant pot ever. Its special structure and its futuristic design are not only special to look at, but also offer many advantages. Garden experts worldwide praise the optimal aeration of the soil, the unique water flow and the improved nutrient uptake of the plants.

Vigorous root growth for your grow

The cylindrical pot wall consists of knobs which form air holes to the outside. This unique shape helps the roots to grow in a straight line towards the air opening, where they are naturally "cut" by the oxygen and branch out again and again. In this way, they form a dense, finely structured root network, which absorbs nutrients evenly and better and can thus lead to higher-yielding harvests when growing.

Promoting plant health and microorganisms

The intensive aeration of the soil also prevents pests and mould. Healthy bacteria, on the other hand, can spread better and give the plant strength. The aeration holes also serve as drainage for the pot. The water can simply run off.

Easy and practical handling

The Air-Pot has a unique locking mechanism and can be opened in no time. This makes it easier to repot the plants. Due to the strong root penetration of the soil, the plant will grow again faster - even outdoors. The Air-Pot can be used with all substrates. It is made from recycled polyethylene (mainly from old milk bottles) in Scotland.

Technical details:

  • Capacity: 5 litres
  • dimensions: height 235 mm, diameter 232 mm
  • Material: HDPE

Airpot, 5 Litres

Technical information