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Air humidifier, 8 litres

Air humidifier, 8 litres

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Air humidifier to increase air humidity indoors, 8 litres. Moist air in grow tent with the 8 litre humidifier.

Depending on the type of plant and growth stage, a plant may need a higher or lower level of air humidity. For a higher level, this humidifier is an enormous help in creating the ideal humidity conditions in enclosed systems, such as grow tents, but also in small to medium-sized rooms.

Ultrasonic technology is used to create moisture vapours via ceramic membranes, which are emitted via 2 outlets, and the amount given off is controlled by a regulator. The direction of the outlets can be changed. The maximum output capacity is 1/4 litre per hour. If the 8 litre tank becomes empty without you realising it, the device automatically switches itself off to save electricity.

In short, it?s a useful gadget for plants that like it humid.

Tip: high air humidity levels are particularly helpful for seedlings and cuttings.

Air humidifier to increase air humidity indoors, 8 litres.

Manufacturer: Pure Factory


Capacity: 8 litres

Size: diameter: