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Tumble Trimmer, Harvesting Tool, ø 43 cm, H = 45 cm Tumble Trimmer, Harvesting Tool, ø 43 cm, H = 45 cm

Price: 349,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

available now

Remove leaves almost soundless without electricity.
Fresh buds are cut up (3 - 5 cm) and put on the removable grid. If you put the lid on top and crank the handle, the buds roll over the grid, slightly brushed against it. Underneath the grid is a fine wire which quickly starts to vibrate and cut the leaves which pop out from under the grid. For a finer result the wire can be run closely against the grid - or a few milimeters underneath the grid for a coarser cut.

Trimpro Unplugged, harvesting machine Trimpro Unplugged, harvesting machine

Price: 699,00 €

19 % VAT incl.

not available

  • especially quiet
  • very efficient trimming
  • robust design
  • manual operation

The Trimpro Unplugged harvester makes the processing of your plants much easier. After harvesting, the loose flowers are simply filled into the machine and then gently guided over extremely sharp blades by turning the handle of leather straps. All unwanted leaves are removed in no time. The blades are height adjustable and of course made of stainless steel. The leather of the straps has been extensively treated with natural oils to keep it supple for a long time and to protect it from resins.

Trimpro Trimbox, harvesting machine incl. workstation Trimpro Trimbox, harvesting machine incl. workstation

Price: 990,00 €

19 % VAT incl.

not available

  • Large work surface of 45 x 45 cm
  • 1.5 mm thick stainless steel
  • very precise cutting
  • safe operation

The Trimbox harvester with workstation from Trimpro is well suited for growers who harvest regularly. With a 45 x 45 cm work surface made of 1.5 mm thick and uncoated stainless steel, it allows you to work very efficiently. You have enough space to move the plant parts evenly over the blade surface and get very cleanly trimmed buds.