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Terra Aquatica Root Booster (GO BioRoot Plus), 500ml

Terra Aquatica Root Booster (GO BioRoot Plus), 500ml

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Completely organic, yet extremely powerful. BioRoot helps to provide healthy roots - in any substrate.

Terra Aquatica Root Booster is a natural additive that assists plants in forming healthy and powerful root balls. Terra Aquatica Root Booster contains vitamins, enzymes, and humic acids, which promote root development and therefore contribute to powerful, healthy growth in the entire plant.

BioRoot Plus is particularly effective with young plants, cuttings, and seedlings whose root development needs some extra help. It is especially useful for diseased young plants. In fully-grown plants, it improves health and nutrient uptake. Suitable for use with all plants in the root formation and growth phases.

Note: BioRoot Plus can also be used for watering seeds, in order to increase their ability to germinate and give the young plant a better start in life.

Terra Aquatica Root Booster, root stimulator, 0.5 litre

Manufacturer: Terra Aquatica (by GHE General Hydroponics)

Usage: Organic root stimulator
Suitable growing media: All growing media.

Container size: 0.5 litre
Weight: approx. 0.5kg