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Terra Aquatica Pro Organic 3Pack Starter Kit 0,5L

Terra Aquatica Pro Organic 3Pack Starter Kit 0,5L

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Terra Aquatica Pro Organic 3Pack Starter Kit 0,5L

  • perfect for starting indoor growing
  • for growth and flowering phase
  • incl. Pro Organic Bloom Booster

In the 3Pack Starter Kit from Terra Aquatica you get a selection of the three most important fertilizers for your plants at a great price. With 0.5 liters of each variant you are well supplied for your grow and can convince yourself of the outstanding quality of Terra Aquatica products.

Healthy plant nutrition in all growth phases

For the vegetative phase Pro Organic Grow is included in the set. This serves to improve the vegetative development of the plant. For this purpose, it provides exactly the nutrients needed for leaf and root development (N-P-K: 3-1-5). Pro Organic Bloom is then used for the flowering phase. As a special flowering fertilizer, it contains the most important nutrients in exactly the right proportions (N-P-K: 2-3-4) needed for the formation of healthy and h2 flowers. Terra Aquatica's Pro Organic fertilizers also improve the habitat of microorganisms in the root zone by providing them with nutrients. These bacteria living in symbiosis with the plants, are extremely important for healthy and vigorous plant development.

A booster for the perfect harvest

To achieve even higher yields, Terra Aquatica has developed the Bloom Booster, which is also included in the set. It increases the metabolic activity and nutrient uptake of the plants, thus enabling an almost explosive development of the flowers.

Directions for use:

Pro Organic fertilizers are very soluble in water and suitable for almost all substrates, hydroponic and outdoor. Shake the bottles well before use!

Terra Aquatica Pro Organic 3Pack Starter Kit 0,5L

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