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Plant pot, square/black, 14 litres

Plant pot, square/black, 14 litres

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Lots of room for healthy, ample roots in our 14-litre plant pot.

The ?giant? of our plant pot range. True to the motto ?a plant can only be as great above ground as it is below ground?, this plant pot leaves nothing to be desired. Its generous 14 litre volume offers enough space for nearly every crop to bring an abundant yield.

This square plant pot is very well made and offers a lot of stability, which is often an issue with larger plant pots. Most plants can be cultivated to a considerable size in this plant pot.The plant pot is completely opaque, which protects the roots from sunlight and other light sources.

Its square-shaped base means that even limited floor space can be used as efficiently as possible.

Tip: If yoüre worried about the water run-off, then we recommend the matching saucer (approx. 30 x 30 cm).

Plant pot, square/black, approx. 14 litres

Manufacturer: n/a

Dimensions: L= 28.5 cm, W= 28.5 cm, H= 28.4 cm ?
Volume: approx. 14 litres?

Weight: approx. 400g