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Homebox R300+ Ambient, 300x150x220cm

Homebox R300+ Ambient, 300x150x220cm

599,90 €

available now Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

19 % VAT incl.
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Homebox R300+ Ambient, 300x150x220cm

  • rectangular high-tech growbox with extra height
  • accessible from all sides
  • very stable and high quality processed
  • large side windows with total blackout zippers

The Growbox R300 PLUS Ambient from the renowned German high-tech manufacturer HOMEbox offers you a full 4.5 square meters of growing space for your indoor grow. Compared to many other grow tents, this Plus version has an additional 20 cm in height and is therefore perfectly suited for large growing plants. It also has one-piece, extra large side windows. This gives you perfect access to your plants and you can even pull out pots from the growbox without lifting them. Of course, the HOMEbox R300+ also has the proven total blackout zippers and a waterproof bottom.

Optimal illumination for your indoor grow

For the growing area of this growbox of 4,5 square meters we recommend an illumination with 4x 600 Watt sodium vapor lamps or 5 to 7 pieces of LED grow lamps with 200 Watt each. For example the SANlight Q5W with 205 Watt power. These modern and highly efficient grow lamps can be operated in the ECO or EXPERT setup, depending on your requirements and experience.

Optimum illumination without heat development

By using the PAR+ coating, the HOMEbox growboxes provide optimal illumination without unnecessary heat development. The insect protection made of MicroMesh with a mesh size of 700 micrometer effectively prevents the penetration of pests. For ventilation the box is equipped with 12 tubes with diameters of 100 - 300 mm. The load capacity of this very stable grow tent is up to 150 kg.

order professional growbox extraction kit at the same time

For a growbox of this size you need a powerful exhaust air set. For the HOMEbox R300+ we recommend our temperature controlled ventilation set digital with modern EC-fan. In order to prevent the tent walls from bulging inwards in case of strong negative pressure, we now also have the HOMEbox Fixture Poles as a practical accessory in our range.

Purchase your growbox simply on account

No matter if you are a self-catering, cash cropper or just a plant lover - your plants are always in good hands in our growboxes. Most growboxes are also available in our practical complete sets. Perfectly matched components, easy installation and great price advantages of up to 10%. If there is no complete set for the growbox of your choice, write us a message. We will be happy to advise you personally and together we will put together the optimal set for your growing project.

Technical details:

  • size (width x depth x height) : 300 x 150 x 220 cm / 4,50 mē


  • 6x 100 mm (4")
  • 4x 250 mm (10")
  • 2x 300 mm (12")
  • maximum load: up to 150 kg
  • recommended illumination: 4x 600 Watt NDL or 5 to 7x 200 Watt LED
  • recommended exhaust air system: min. 1200 m3/h

Homebox R300+ Ambient, 300x150x220cm

Technical information