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GrowMax Garden Grow 480 L/h

GrowMax Garden Grow 480 L/h

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GrowMax Garden Grow 480 L/h

  • 2-stage filter system
  • removes up to 99 % of chlorine and pollutants
  • simple and currentless installation
  • Filter elements quickly changeable

Ordinary tap water often contains chlorine and other undesirable substances. Even if pollutants such as herbicides, pesticides, PCBs, benzene, etc. are only present in small quantities, they accumulate in the growing medium and your plants over time. With the GrowMax Garden Grow water filter you can remove up to 99% of these pollutants and sediments up to a size of 5 micrometers.

You have access to up to 480 litres of high quality purified water per hour.

Clean water - healthy plants

Chlorine and other chemicals are harmful to the development of your plants. The complete absorption of nutrients and trace elements is slowed down and the plants do not reach their maximum growth. The Garden Grow 2-stage filter purifies your tap water from all these harmful substances and allows your plants to grow healthily and vigorously and you to have a rich harvest. A sediment filter and a carbon filter are used here.

Powerless operation, easy maintenance and quick installation

The Growmax water filters work without electricity. The existing pressure of the domestic water pipe is sufficient to force the water to be filtered through the filter elements. With the included hose pieces, tap coupling with 3/4 " female thread and stopcock you can integrate the filter into your Indoor Grow irrigation system in a few minutes. You should change the filter elements every 4-6 months or after about 27000 litres. replacement filter is inexpensive and thanks to a screw thread in the filter cover, the elements can be changed very easily.

Technical details:

  • maximum flow rate: up to 480 l/h
  • filter change: 4 to 6 months / approx. 27000 litres
  • filter elements: 2
  • Connection: coupling with 3/4 " internal thread

GrowMax Garden Grow 480 L/h

Technical information