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Grow Tent Drying Kit Premium L, 100x100x200cm

Grow Tent Drying Kit Premium L, 100x100x200cm

249,00 €

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Grow Tent Drying Kit Premium L, 100x100x200cm

  • including SensorPush HT1
  • with GrowPRO 3.0 Growbox L
  • Fan, activated carbon filter and exhaust hose included
  • Drying net with 8 shelves

You want to dry your precious harvest safely and comfortably, without annoying odours in the home and with accurate monitoring of temperature and humidity on your smartphone? Then the Premium L drying box set is a very compact, reliable and modern solution for you! The set contains everything you need to bring your harvest as gently as possible to exactly the desired degree of dryness that you need in order to cure or store the dried herbs directly afterwards.

SensorPush HT1 - see readings directly on your mobile

The SensorPush HT1 reliably and very precisely measures the temperature and humidity in your drying box. The special feature is the transmission of the corresponding values to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. You don't need to open the drying box to read this important information and thus achieve an even more even and particularly gentle drying of your harvest. The sensor stores the measurement data for up to 14 days and even triggers an alarm if the values you have defined are exceeded or not reached. As soon as your mobile device connects to the SensorPush, all the data is transferred and you can call it up in the app.

Growbox L 3.0 by GrowPRO

The GrowPRO 3.0 Growbox L is made of high-quality materials and forms the heart of this dry box set. The tent walls in 600D material thickness and the robust zips do not allow odours to escape to the outside or light to penetrate to the inside. As the box is 200 cm high, the full length of the drying net fits inside. The well thought-out concept of the GrowPro 3.0 Growbox L naturally includes various connections for supply and exhaust air at sensible positions, so you will always find a convenient way to connect the exhaust air set. And if you don't need the growbox for drying, you have a practical, second growing area for cuttings or young plants.

Drying net with 8 layers

With the drying net you can store your harvest neatly and airy during drying. It is approx. 165 cm long, 60 cm wide and has 8 layers. That's plenty of space to neatly distribute all the plant parts and achieve good ventilation. The walls of the drying net are made of very finely meshed material - this allows moisture and air to pass through easily, but reliably prevents harmful insects from entering.

2-stage fan and matching exhaust air set

To ensure that the right climate prevails in your dry box and that the exhaust air is not polluted with unpleasant odours, the set includes a matching exhaust air set with 2-stage fan, activated carbon filter, exhaust air hose and mounting material. And to ensure that the air is always circulated cleanly, the set also includes a clip fan with two switching levels from GrowPro. With this practical set, you can really professionally refine your precious harvest and bring it to a successful conclusion.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x GrowPro 3.0 Growbox L
  • 1x SensorPush HT1
  • 1x 2-stage fan
  • 1x activated carbon filter
  • 1x exhaust air hose
  • 1x assembly parts
  • 1x clip fan, 2-stage

Technical details:

  • Grow box L (L x W x H): 100 x 100 x 200 cm (2.0 m)
  • Fan: 15/25 W (145/187 m / h)
  • Fan: 15 W
  • Battery SensorPush: CR2477

Grow Tent Drying Kit Premium L, 100x100x200cm

Technical information