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CarbonActive Homeline 650Z m<sup>3</sup>/h, 200 mm

CarbonActive Homeline 650Z m3/h, 200 mm

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CarbonActive Homeline Carbon Filter 650 m3/h, 200 mm

CarbonActive aims to develop optimal solutions for air cleansing technology. CarbonActive - Standard filters use tiny active carbon particles (diameter 0.4 - 0.8 mm). Grinding the particles very small makes the odour-neutralising surface 10,000 times larger, which massively improves its effect. Thanks to this innovative construction, the CarbonActive Standard filters are lighter, smaller, safer, and more efficient than conventional carbon filters. Guaranteed simple and convenient installation thanks to the in-built suspension system. The HomeLine filters are especially well-suited for odour filtration in spaces up to 10 m3.

Fan performance is measured in cubic metres at 0 Pa of pressure. If the pressure increases, the fan performance is reduced. CarbonActive filters guarantee less pressure loss than conventional filters thanks to its innovative construction. This makes the air flow in your system higher than with other filters used in combination with the same fan.

When buying a filter, make sure that the filter?s cubic-metre performance is 20% higher than that of the fan. This reduces the pressure loss by almost half and guarantees optimal filtration.

Notes for maximum performance and longevity:

No dirt, dust, or smoke.

Dirt particles close off the active carbon?s pores and therefore inhibits its ability to neutralise the air. Always use a pre-filter and replace it when it becomes noticeably dirty. Ensure that microparticles, such as very fine concrete dust or smoke can make their way through the pre-filter unobstructed Therefore, you should never smoke in the vicinity of a CarbonActive filter. Cigarette smoke is the worst offender for reducing the lifetime of the active carbon filter. All of the gases present in the air are neutralised by the CarbonActive filter. Therefore, CO2 and all emissions affect the filter?s longevity. When cleaning the room, the CarbonActive filter must be detached from the ventilation system to prevent it from taking in dust particles, which damages the carbon filter.

Note: Air humidity must never exceed 85%

Air that is too humid has a negative effect on the carbon filter?s ability to absorb unwanted particles. Also ensure that you implement an ultrasound water atomiser in order to release the lime in the water. This limescale cannot be captured by the pre-filter and accumulates on the active carbon particles. Therefore, you should only use lime-free water to humidify the air.

CarbonActive Homeline Carbon Filter 650Z m3/h, 200 mm

Manufacturer: CarbonActive

Weight: 3.5 kg

Optimal filter performance at 640m/h

Performance range: 250m/h - 800m/h

Dimensions: Diameter 475mm x 275 mm

Connector in mm: 200 (diameter)