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Canna Hydro Flores A & B, 2x10 litres bloom booster

Canna Hydro Flores A & B, 2x10 litres bloom booster

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The intelligent hydroponic nutrients to support the flowering phase. Specifically designed for run-to-waste systems and cultivation in rockwool.

A balanced nutrient supply is essential to fast and healthy plant growth. Especially during the flowering phase, you must fertilise with caution, as the nutrient demand during this time is not only qualitatively different, but also differs in its composition: Whilst the plants require more potassium and phosphate, the demand for nitrogen reduces constantly.

Canna Hydro Flores was developed by experts to provide plants in the flowering phase with optimal nutrition, and takes the changes in the demand for nutrients during this time into account. Furthermore, Canna Hydro Flores supports fruit development and ensures that the yield gets its unique aroma.

Canna Hydro Flores is designed for use in run-to-waste systems and is excellently suited for cultivation in rockwool. The easily-soluble fertiliser contains valuable chelated trace elements, which are assimilated particularly quickly and can help to ensure magnificent blossom formation.

Firstly, add Canna Hydro Flores A to the water-filled nutrient reservoir and stir well. Then add Hydro Flores B. Take care to ensure the correct ratio of 1:250 (40ml of Hydro Flores A and B per 10 litres of water). Important: Never mix Canna Hydro Flores A and B with one another without diluting first! Always store the product in a dark place.

Note: Recommended pH value: 5.2 to 6.2

Canna Hydro Flores A and B, 10 litres

Manufacturer: Canna

Delivery contents:

1x Canna Hydro Flores A, 10 litres

1x Canna Hydro Flores B, 10 litres

Container size: 2x 10 L

Weight: approx. 21 kg