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Canna Bio Boost, 1 litre bloom supplement

Canna Bio Boost, 1 litre bloom supplement

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38,90 € per 1l

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Canna Bio Boost: Bigger bloom, better taste.

Canna Bio Boost is a natural bloom stimulator. It ensures lavish fruit formation and an intense flavour in the yield.

Bioactive ingredients regulate the plant?s metabolism and increase their fructose content.

Start applying as soon as the flowers begin to blossom.
Shake well before use.
Mix with water with a ratio of 1:500, i.e. 10 millilitres per 5 litres of water.
For an even more lavish bloom, use double the amount of Canna Bio Boost.
Apply using drip irrigation or directly to the leaves using a spray bottle.
Use the mixture within a week.

Please note
Canna Bio Boost is not a replacement for conventional fertilisers. Do not use in conjunction with substances containing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Store in a covered, dark, frost-free place.
Keep away from children.

About the manufacturer
BIOCANNA is the organic product line from CANNA. All products have been officially tested and meet the requirements of organic cultivation.

Canna Bio Boost, bloom supplement, 1 litre

Manufacturer: Canna
Composition (N-P-K): 0.02-0.12-0.08