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Boveda Cure-Packs, 62% Big 67g

Boveda Cure-Packs, 62% Big 67g

from 6,80 €unit price 6,90 €

102,99 € per 1kg

available now Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

19 % VAT incl.
excl. Shipping costs


quantity discount:
1 - 9 pcs. per 6,90 €
in this volume only 102,98 € per 1kg
10 - 19 pcs. per 6,85 €
in this volume only 102,24 € per 1kg
from 20 pcs. per 6,80 €
in this volume only 101,49 € per 1kg

Bring a little fun into your curing procedure with the Curing Packs from Boveda!

The 2-way humidifier bags work on the natural osmosis principle and are very easy to use. The Boveda Curing Packs contain two packages with different content, which are linked together by a porous membrane. This means that the natural salts in one and the pure water in the other bag can migrate through the membrane, with the result that they emit or absorb prepared moisture.

The Boveda Curing Packs have been designed to emit an exact amount of water into the surroundings, ensuring that herbs and other items are dried very gently. The constant air humidity ensures that the herbs remain intact and can be stored for extremely long periods of time without any loss of quality.

Your herbs will have excellent combustion and develop an optimal flavour if stored for longer periods. The Boveda Curing Packs prevents variations in the air humidity in e.g. wide-neck brown jars and remains as constant as possible - this great helps to prevent the growth of mould.

The Boveda Curing Packs are highly recommended for any connoisseur and expert as solutions that are easy to use that facilitate precise air humidity control. Making curing fun!

Up to 500 g of the harvest can be dried with the 67 gram pack.

Boveda Cure-Packs, 62% Big 67g

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