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BioBizz Root-Juice, 1 litre root stimulator

BioBizz Root-Juice, 1 litre root stimulator

39,95 €

39,95 € per 1l

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For powerful, healthy root formation on a purely organic basis.

BioBizz Root-Juice is a 100% organic root fertiliser - especially important during the first weeks of plant growth. The humic acid contained in Root-Juice, various fulvic acids, and seaweed ensure healthy development of the roots.

The activating effect on the microbiological life in the root system means that all requirements for strong plant growth are met.

BioBizz Root-Juice, root stimulator, 1 litre

Manufacturer: BioBizz

Usage: Organic root stimulator
Suitable growing media: Soil and earth-like growing media, hydro

Composition (N-P-K): 0.1-0.01-0.1

Manufacturer?s analysis:

Total nitrogen (N): 0.1%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5): 0.1%
Potassium oxide (K2O): 0.1%

Iron (Fe): 0.013%
Manganese (Mn): 0.002%
Zinc (Zn): 0.004%
Boron (B): 0.025%
Copper (Cu): 0.001%

Container size: 1 litre
Weight: approx. 1.1kg