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BioBizz Leaf Coat, 1 litre

BioBizz Leaf Coat, 1 litre

19,90 €

19,90 € per 1l

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Made from natural rubber - a natural overcoat for strong plants who aren't keen on insects or disease and don't like to break a sweat.

How can I fully protect the plant without suffocating it or affecting the flavour of the yield?

The natural rubber (caoutchouc) used by BioBizz has a complete protective effect, yet is permeable enough to allow the plant to breathe. The plant itself is then in the position to break down the thin film. As soon as two hours after spraying the plant, pests and bacteria are no longer able to harm the plant.


May be used without water, delivered ready to use. Is sprayed over the entire plant using an atomiser, for example a pump spray bottle.

This should be done twice a week up to two weeks prior to the end of the flowering period.

Manufacturer specifications:

The natural rubber film on the plant is particularly helpful during winter against the negative influences of cold weather.

BioBizz Leaf-Coat, 1 litre

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