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BioBizz Calmag 5 Litre

BioBizz Calmag 5 Litre

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BioBizz Calmag 5 Litre

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • helps with calcium and magnesium deficiency
  • improves root growth
  • increases the nutrient uptake

BioBizz Calmag is a special fertilizer that has been specifically developed to supply fast-growing plants with sufficient calcium and magnesium. The nutrients it contains are 100% organic and can be ideally absorbed by your plants. Calcium and magnesium are important building blocks of plant nutrition for every grow. Whether indoors in the growbox or outdoors in the pot - without calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) no healthy and strong growth can occur. Calcium is important for cell division and the stable structure of the cell walls. Magnesium is especially important for strong root growth. Only with a strong root system can your plants absorb a maximum of nutrients and give you a rich harvest.

The ideal solution for different irrigation water problems

Our tap water is often not ideal for your grow. Often it is either too soft or too hard. Too hard water should be treated by reverse osmosis, but it will lack sufficient amounts of Ca / Mg afterwards. The same applies to very soft water. This is where BioBizz Calmag helps quickly and easily - whether to correct an existing deficiency or as a preventive measure. The nutrient concentrate is simply added to the irrigation water according to the recommended dosage. Then you add your other fertilizers (for example BioBizz Bio-Grow or BioBizz Bio-Bloom) and determine the EC value. A properly adjusted EC value is extremely important for the perfect supply of your plants. Deficiency symptoms caused by under- or over-fertilization are thus avoided. So you create ideal conditions for a high-yield grow! The best way to determine the EC value is with an EC meter. BioBizz Calmag is available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter, 5 liters and 10 liters.

BioBizz Calmag 5 Litre

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