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BioBizz All-Mix, 50 litres

BioBizz All-Mix, 50 litres

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BioBizz All-Mix, 50 litres:

While the Light-Mix from BioBizz enjoys great popularity, mainly due to its minimal pre-fertilisation, the "All-Mix" version is an alternative that is a lot more strongly pre-fertilised.

In fast-growing cultivated plants grown for a quick harvest, heavy pre-fertilisation can often cause problems (e.g. too much nitrogen in the flowering phase), therefore a rich soil is ideal for any plants that are to thrive in their pots for and extended period of time. 

BioBizz All-Mix provides the plant with a consistent level of nutrients over a long period of time, which makes it the ideal growing medium for slow-growing cultures and ornamental plants. All-Mix also offers a fantastic solution for the long-term care of mother plants, which are generally kept in the vegetative stage.

BioBizz All-Mix is completely mixed, and in addition to quality peat, also includes vermicast and perlite, which provides harmoniously-balanced soil life.

Tip: Ornamental plants that are to spend a long life in their pots, All-Mix should be mixed with approximately 10% expanded clay pebbles. This improves drainage and, especially when using larger pebbles, prevents the roots from sitting in water and rotting, while the surface already appears to have become dry.

Technical information:

Manufacturer: BioBizz
Container size: 50 litres

35% garden peat
30% perlite
20% sphagnum peat moss
10% BioBizz Worm Humus
5% Pre-Mix

EC value: 2.4

Usage: Peat-based soil substrate, suitable for almost all plants.