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Bio Nova Autoflower SuperMix, 5 litres

Bio Nova Autoflower SuperMix, 5 litres

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A component fertiliser for autoflowering plants. The best care for up until the late flowering period.

Autoflowering plants are highly popular, as they are easier to grow from a technical perspective. The plant doesn?t need any special incentives to start the flowering phase. Bio Nova recognised this trend and promises easiest application of plant nutrition through simplicity. It is advisable to supplement with Bio Nova PK 13-14, starting in the advanced flowering phase.

The well-matched composition of Bio Nova Autoflowering SuperMix allows for the implementation of drip irrigation and recirculation systems.

Special features of Bio Nova Autoflower SuperMix:

? Balances N-P-K fertiliser for plants that flower quickly
? Trace elements such as Iron, manganese, zinc, and more
? Additive for healthy roots and immune system
? Fertiliser for the growth and flowering phases

Tip: When using in areas with soft water (low-calcium), we recommend that you also add Bio Nova Ca 15.

Bio Nova Autoflower SuperMix, 5 litre

Manufacturer: Bio Nova

Usage: A component fertiliser for autoflowering plants.

pH value: 2.9

Composition of Bio Nova Autoflower SuperMix (N-P-K): 7-3-5

Container size: 5 litre
Weight: approx. 5kg