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AutoPot 16-9mm In-line Filter

AutoPot 16-9mm In-line Filter

4,90 €

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AutoPot 16-9mm In-line Filter

  • easy to install
  • protects the AQUAValves from contamination
  • easy to remove filter insert
  • with adapter function 16 mm to 9 mm

With the 16-9 mm In-Line Filter from AutoPot, you can protect the irrigation system of your indoor grow from contamination without much effort. It also functions as an adapter from the large 16 mm lines to the size of the 9 mm supply lines in the new AQUAvalve5 series. The in-line filter has screw caps on both ends, so you can easily remove the filter element.

Application Notes:

To mount the filter, you push the line ends onto the nipple of the filter - done! To replace or clean the filter element, you can simply unscrew the filter.

AutoPot 16-9mm In-line Filter

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