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Apogee AL-100: Solar Sensor Leveling Plate

Apogee AL-100: Solar Sensor Leveling Plate

59,90 €

available now Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

19 % VAT incl.
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Apogee AL-100: Solar Sensor Leveling Plate

  • for levelling the Apogee MQ500 sensor
  • with integrated spirit level
  • for use on flat surfaces
  • also for mounting on wood

To function as accurately as possible, the Full-Spectrum Quantum Meter MQ500 from Apogee should ideally be installed and operated balanced on a flat surface. This levelling plate allows the Apogee radiation sensor to be ideally aligned on flat surfaces as well as surfaces such as wood. The levelling plate has an integrated spirit level that is designed to operate in a temperature range of -29 to 55 Celsius.

Application notes:

  • This levelling plate is not compatible with Apogee's AL-120 mounting system
  • Suitable for all Apogee radiation sensors

Apogee AL-100: Solar Sensor Leveling Plate

Technical information