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Advanced Hydroponics, Dutch Formula set

Advanced Hydroponics, Dutch Formula set

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19,03 € per 1l

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The entire "Dutch Formula" in a single set. Top Dutch fertiliser at an unbeatable price for the set.

The entire "Dutch Formula" from Advanced Hydroponics in a single set. The main components, Grow(1), Bloom(2), and Micro(3) lay the foundation for lush growth and lavish flower/fruit formation, but it wouldn't be a Growmart set if it didn't have a lot of clever extras included.

In this case, the nutrient supplements start with the 100%-organic Root Stimulator, which helps the little baby plants to form a rich root network, therefore giving them a good start in life. During the all stages of the plant's life cycle, the nutrient solution can be enriched using Excellerator, which is also completely organic - and healthy, fast-growing plants are the result.

The set is rounded out with an unrivalled enzyme mixture: Enzymes+ helps to kick the plant's metabolism into action, keeps the immune system in shape, and helps the plant to maintain overall vitality.

You should stop applying Enzymes+ in the last week of the flowering period and replace it with "Final Solution", which is also included in the set. A powerful bloom booster, that drives the plant to maturity more quickly, while at the same time having a preventative effect against mould.

Everything in one set that leaves nothing to be desired and stimulates visibly more magnificent development in most ornamental and cultivated plants.

Note: As the name suggests, Advanced Hydroponics products are developed for use in hydro systems, but are also suitable for use with other irrigation methods and with all growing media. The "Dutch Formula" can also increase the yield when cultivating in soil or even coco coir.

Technical information:

Manufacturer: Advanced Hydroponics
Container size: 1 litre

Delivery contents:

- Advanced Hydroponics Bloom, 1 litre
- Advanced Hydroponics Enzymes+, 500ml
- Advanced Hydroponics Final Solution, 500ml
- Advanced Hydroponics Grow, 1 litre
- Advanced Hydroponics Growth/Bloom Excellerator, 1 litre
- Advanced Hydroponics Micro, 1 litre
- Advanced Hydroponics Root Stimulator, 250ml

Usage: Plant nutrients for the flowering phase