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Venture Sunmaster, HPS 600W

Venture Sunmaster, HPS 600W

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The photosynthesis booster among high pressure sodium lights. For strong, healthy growth in your plants.

No life without light - that applies to both flora and fauna. The sun is the best source of light: It has a balanced light spectrum and therefore creates the optimal conditions for photosynthesis and plant growth.

Growing plants in enclosed spaces means that many hobby and professional gardeners face the problem that they often lack sufficient natural light. It?s not only during the darker months that they have to rely upon artificial light sources. Here, the Sunmaster lamps offer an excellent solution: These glow-discharge lamps, developed by agricultural scientists and engineers, cater to the growth and flowering phases of the plant and ensure the ideal colour temperature.

The Venture Sunmaster 600W high pressure sodium lamps were designed specifically for the flowering phase: They give off a light with a high red-yellow content. Therefore, this high pressure sodium lamp stimulates a particularly magnificent bloom and a high yield. Theoretically, you can use HPS lights throughout the plant?s entire life cycle. However, for the propagation of cutting and young plants, or when caring for mother plants, we recommend that you use a metal halide lamp. They provide more light in the white and blue spectrum, which is important for the shoots.

Note: You will need a suitable ballast to operate the Venture Sunmaster HPS lights.

About Sunmaster: The British company Venture Sunmaster is a manufacturer of plant lighting, including HPS and metal halide lamps. All Sunmaster lamps can conveniently be used without any special accessories, as they are compatible with all conventional fittings and ballasts. You can buy Sunmaster lamps in strengths of 250 to 1000 watts, according to your individual needs and goals.

Venture Sunmaster HPS sodium 600W E40 socket

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