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Venture Sunmaster DUAL, HPS 250W

Venture Sunmaster DUAL, HPS 250W

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Venture Sunmaster DUAL 250W HPS: A lamp for the entire growth cycle.

The Venture Sunmaster DUAL 250 W is an innovative HPS light with two colour spectrums. This combination lamp was developed specifically to meet the needs of serious indoor growers who wish to give their plants the right light frequency in all stages of the growth cycle with just one lamp.

With an output of 250 watts, it helps you achieve healthy plants and lavish blooms. It has an E40 socket, a transparent T46 bulb and is CE-certified. With 2,000 Kelvin, it has a warm white colour temperature with a light spectrum with a quarter blue light and three-quarters red light. Compared with standard HPS lights, this allows for more natural chlorophyll production. At 33,000 lumens, it is designed for grow tents up to one square metre in size.

One notable characteristic is the long service life of 24,000 hours.

A ballast with suitable performance values is required to operate this lamp. We also recommend using a reflector to achieve the maximum light output.

Venture Sunmaster DUAL, HPS 400 W

Manufacturer: Sunmaster
Shape: Cylindrical
Output: 250 watts
Voltage: volts
Luminosity: 33,000 lumens
Colour temperature: warm white (2,000 Kelvin)
Socket: E40
CE certification

Note: Lamps are non-durable goods. The manufacturer cannot offer any warranty. Therefore, there is no entitlement to replacement or return if the lamp stops working prematurely. The product may be exchanged if it has not been used and it is still in its original packaging.