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Clone-Gel, 75ml Clone-Gel, 75ml

Price: 18,42 €

18,42 € per 100ml - 16 % VAT incl.

not available

Clone-Gel is used to improve and accelerate root formation in cuttings. Cuttings are submerged in the Clone-Gel (liquid) with the cut around 2cm deep for around 30 seconds. The cuttings are then introduced as normal to the moist growing medium. The first new roots are formed after approximately 7-10 days.

Monsterclon 2.0, 100ml Monsterclon 2.0, 100ml

Price: 14,52 €

14,52 € per 100ml - 16 % VAT incl.

not available

This useful plant aid is ideal for all those who want to give their cuttings a helping hand. Especially during the first few days of its life when the cutting doesn't yet have its own root system, Monsterclon 2.0 provides all of the important elements needed to support root development.