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Terra Aquatica TriPack Flora Series 3 x 0,5L

Terra Aquatica TriPack Flora Series 3 x 0,5L

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The clever three-in-one starter set, specifically for hard water. Including pH reducer.

Terra Aquatica by GHE Tripack Flora is a product from the Flora series for all plant-lovers growing in hard water areas. It includes a classic mineral fertiliser, developed by a research team led by Dr. Cal Herrman. Their aim was to introduce a fertiliser to the market that fulfils all of a plant?s needs, and is completely flexible in its application, according to the development phase and the individual needs of the plant.

GHE Tripack Flora contains 0.5 litres of each GHE FloraGro, GHE FloraBloom, and GHE FloraMicro. Whilst FloraGro is the fertiliser of choice for the growth phase, you can support your plants in the flowering phase in their flower and fruit formation by applying FloraBloom. FloraMicro is a supplementary fertiliser containing chelated trace elements, which ensures particularly rapid growth.

If it transpires that you do need to regulate the pH value, the GHE Tripack Flora also contains a pH Down powder. GHE pH Down Dry is a pure, concentrated powder and is harmless in its powder form, unlike liquid pH Down. The product only transforms into an effective pH reducer when you mix it with water. You may use GHE pH Down throughout all growth phases.

Terra Aquatica by GHE Flora Tripack for hart water

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