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Self-watering system for 36 plants

Self-watering system for 36 plants

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Self-watering system for 36 plants

Never water your plants again! The ECO self-watering system is as practical as it is affordable, and is the perfect accessory for installing a drip irrigation system for up to 36 plants quickly and easily!

The set consists of a small immersion pump (690 l/h), which can be affixed to the floor of a nutrient tank with its practical suction feet, where it can pump the nutrient solution through a manifold into 36 so-called "spaghetti tubes". The ends of these tubes are connected to the tube holders included in the desired position in the plant pot - then yoüre good to go.

This simple setup can be used to eliminate the need to water "by hand", which is especially advantageous when the plant pots are in a hard-to-reach area (e.g. the rear section of a grow tent). The pump is simply switched on manually at the desired time, and the amount of irrigation water can be estimated with the help of the scale in the nutrient solution tank. When the desired amount of nutrient solution has been distributed, the pump is switched off. This simple method is excellently suited for half-automated irrigation of all growing media and substrates, despite popular belief that self-watering systems are only suitable for hydroponic systems.

A fully-automated, hydroponic self-watering system involves placing the plant pots or Grodan blocks on a raised basin (plastic bowl or similar), which allows excess water to flow back into the nutrient solution tank. This creates a nutrient cycle, and all the gardener has to do then is to keep an eye on the amount and condition of the nutrient solution. Controlling the pump can be left to an electronic weekly timer, for example, in order to irrigate the growing media at regular intervals (this kind of setup requires the use of artificial substrates such as expanded clay pebbles or rockwool, as soil would retain the water for too long).

Note: Never cut any of the tubes to fit or extend them! The nutrient solution can only be distributed evenly through all tubes as long as all of the tubes are the same length!

Self-watering system for 36 plants

Manufacturer: GIB Industries

Delivery contents:

1x Pump 690 l/h, 10W 
1x 30cm PVC hose SUNFLEX 3/4 inch
1x hose clamp
1x PE end stopper with cap
1x PE screw fitting
1x PVC screw connection
1x PVC pipe 5cm
1x PVC end cap, 32mm
1x nozzle diffuser + 36 tubes
36x tube holders