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Secret Jardin Cosmorrow LED Grow, 40W

Secret Jardin Cosmorrow LED Grow, 40W

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Secret Jardin Cosmorrow LED Grow, 40W

  • Lightweight, compact and mobile
  • 4800 lumens with 6500k (cool white)
  • For mother and young plants, cuttings propagation
  • Separate power supply, very space-saving

The Cosmorrow LED Growth with 40 watts from Secret Jardin is particularly suitable for growing cuttings, seedlings or providing light for mother plants. You can also use it to light young plants for quite a while in the vegetative phase and thus save a lot of electricity. The Cosmorrow LED Growth is light and mobile, as it is operated with an external power supply unit. So you can quickly change its position in your grow tent. For operation, you still need a Cosmorrow LED power supply 1 x 40W.

High efficiency, long life

The Cosmorrow LED growth emits light in the blue colour spectrum (6500 K) and produces impressive 4800 lumens with only 40 watts of power consumption. The PPF is 88 Ámol/s. Secret Jardin states the average service life here as 50000 hours; even after 30000 hours, it still has around 80% of its output power. Since the individual LEDs emit almost no heat, you can hang them very close to the plants in your indoor grow. The scope of delivery includes fastening clips for different stem diameters and 2 hooks for hanging up.

Technical data:

  • Voltage: 24 V
  • Power: 40 W
  • Light output: 4800 lumen
  • PPF: 88 Ámol/s
  • Light colour: 6500 K
  • Dimensions: 870 mm x 32 mm x 14, 5mm (L / W / H)
  • Weight of light strip: approx. 320 g

Secret Jardin Cosmorrow LED Grow, 40W

Technical information