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Second Choice Mammoth P, 3,8 Liter

Second Choice Mammoth P, 3,8 Liter

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Second Choice Mammoth P, 3,8 Liter

Production date: February 2021

  • Up to 16% increase in yield
  • Up to 6% increase in stem strength
  • Compatible with all fertiliser systems
  • Developed and manufactured in the USA

Mammoth P is the first microbial inoculant of biological origin that improves phosphorus and micronutrient cycling to increase bud growth and yield and optimise plant health.

Developed at American University

This booster was developed by Growcentia's founders at a leading US university and is produced in Fort Collins, Colorado under the strictest quality controls. It has been extensively tested by professional growers and has been proven to increase growth in independent laboratories.

Contains beneficial microorganisms, thereby increasing phosphorus levels

The beneficial bacteria contained work like biological micro power stations, continuously producing enzymes that release nutrients. This reduces the need for a separate enzyme supplement. Increased phosphorus levels keep internodes shorter and ensure that more energy goes into bud production.

Protects the rhizosphere and can be used with all substrates / growing media

Mammoth P can be used with all known substrates and also in hydroponics. It protects the plant rhizosphere from harmful microbes and is compatible with all common fertiliser programmes. Using Mammoth P in hydroponic systems is also an excellent way to incorporate the biological benefits of the soil microbial nutrient cycle without compromising water quality. MAMMOTH P is designed to complement any type of fertiliser programme.

Why is Mammoth P so effective?

The developers have grown hundreds of different microbial communities from natural soil collected throughout the US. Using a state-of-the-art phenotyping platform, they selectively bred microbial communities that were particularly good at converting phosphorus. After breeding countless generations, a climax community was achieved whose phosphorus turnover is more than 30 times higher than that of the microbes studied in natural soils. In order to also achieve a high level of effectiveness, especially for hydrosystems

Earth microbial communities were selectively bred for their ability to convert phosphorus using deep-well microtitre plates that mimicked hydroponic reservoirs (e.g. aqueous solutions containing concentrated nutrients). A climax microbial community was achieved after breeding thousands of generations. Their ability to convert phosphorus is increased by more than 30-fold and they can thrive in an aqueous, nutrient-rich hydroponic environment.

Super Soil

Mammoth P primarily supports the mobilisation of mineral and organic phosphates to promote healthy plant growth and increase plant yield. These microbes are very effective at mineralising delayed-release fertilisers found in many complete soils where you only need to add water, such as Super Soil and recycled soils. As this microbial community has been selectively bred to actively convert up to 30 times the nutrients found in nature, they can in some cases be too strong to use throughout the flower growth stage. Mammoth P should therefore be used sparingly at first until you have gained more experience in using this product in your super-soil system.


The colour may take on a dark tint due to a possible redox reaction and the resulting oxidation. This is not a defect and does not affect the quality of the product.

Mammoth P, 3,8 Liter

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