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SUPERthrive, 480ml

SUPERthrive, 480ml

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SUPERthrive, 480 ml

  • Unique solution of vitamins and hormones
  • Root growth is stimulated
  • Development stages are completed more quickly
  • Earlier growth of flowers and fruits

SUPERthrive is a unique solution of over 50 vitamins and hormones. It helps to overcome the stress that plants face during re-potting or to revive stressed plants in particular.

The targeted use of SUPERthrive leads to plants completing their various stages of development more quickly. A greater number of flowers and fruits in considerably larger sizes are produced.?The vitamin B1 and especially the growth hormone auxin contained in the formula help stimulate the growth of roots and shoots. SuperTHRIVE also helps seeds to germinate.

Suitable for the propagation of cuttings

Auxin is particularly important for growth when propagating cuttings. Plants usually produce this growth hormone themselves, but cuttings can die quickly if production is disturbed due to inadequate root formation.

The auxin contained in SUPERthrive stimulates root formation, but overdosing should be avoided.

?SuperTHRIVE strengthens the growth hormones that plants produce naturally under the best possible conditions. Plant growth is stimulated from the inside out.

Instructions for use:

SuperTHRIVE should only be used very sparingly due to its high concentration.

SUPERthrive should be dosed as follows for initial activation or for the treatment of stress symptoms:

  • 1 ml to 4 litres of irrigation water
  • 2.6 ml to 10 litres of irrigation water
  • 13 ml to 50 litres of irrigation water
  • 1.5 ml to 100 litres of irrigation water, for very delicate plants
  • 3 ml to 100 litres of irrigation water, for bare roots/ immersion

SUPERthrive, 480 ml

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