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SANlight Q1W S2.1 Gen2, 50W

SANlight Q1W S2.1 Gen2, 50W

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SANlight Q1W S2.1 Gen2, 50W

  • LED Grow lamp of the next generation
  • Fully cabled and ready for use
  • advanced secondary optics for highest efficiency
  • passive, noiseless cooling

Perfect for light-hungry plants in Indoor Grow

With the new Generation 2 of their Q-Series, the Austrian company SANlight has further optimized their already outstanding LED plant lighting. SANlight is the first manufacturer to consistently use the 2mm▓ High Power Chip from Osram in all available models. The result: 15% more light output for the same energy consumption! The experience with SANLight LEDs has been consistently positive. The LED Grow Panels from SANlight generate consistently higher yields at significantly lower operating costs than comparable NDL Grow lights.
Like its predecessors, the second generation of the Q-Series convinces with its maximum efficiency and perfect light control. Without exaggeration, SANlight can be called the technical market leader in the field of highly efficient LED lighting systems for indoor grow. The lamps are developed and produced in Austria and set new standards in light output, reliability and durability.

The SANlight Q1W-Gen 2

The SANlight Q1W-Gen2 with an input power of 51 W is especially suitable for the perfect illumination of small surfaces. With two SANlight Q1W you can perfectly illuminate a GrowPRO 3.0 Growbox XS with a footprint of 60 x 60 cm in the ECO Setup. If you have increased demands on yield and the corresponding experience, you can illuminate this area very intensively with three Q1W lamps in the EXPERT setup.

Other available models of the Q-Series - Gen2:

No photon is wasted

One of the outstanding features of the Q-series from SANlight is the further improved secondary optics of all lamps. Due to the precise 90░ light control of this technology hardly any light is lost unused. More than 95% of the photons of the LED chip are captured and made usable for your plants. Your growbox is homogeneously illuminated down to the last corner. The new 2mm▓ chip technology from Osram also ensures the highest efficiency in the conversion of electrical energy into light.

Sanlight Gen 2 - noiseless cool

The cooling of the Q-Series Gen2 is passive and noiseless due to a very large dimensioned aluminium heat sink. Even at very high ambient temperatures, the module remains well cooled and runs correspondingly efficiently and reliably.

No reduction in performance due to contamination

The contamination of older LEDs in the grow room can very quickly lead to a noticeable reduction in performance. And cleaning is, if at all, very difficult. SANLight LEDs are protected from soiling by their exclusive secondary optics and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary. In this way SANlight LED modules easily reach incomparable lifetimes of over 100,000 hours!

Broadband and continuous light spectrum

The Q-Series LED modules generate a broadband and continuous light spectrum, which is specially designed for the needs of fruit producing plants. The Q1W-Gen2 can be operated in ECO as well as in EXPERT setup. The generated light spectrum meets the requirements of your plants in the growth and flowering phase.

Expansion of the product range

With the Generation 2 of the Q-Series SANLight has significantly expanded its product range and has given all lamps 15% more light output. The portfolio now ranges from the Q1W with 51 W to the Q6W with powerful 245 W. The stretched L-versions of the Q-series are the legitimate successors of the previous S-series.

Eco Setup or Expert Setup

SANlight has developed two different setups for different demands and experiences with indoor grow. With the Eco Setup you can achieve similar yields as with the Grow with sodium vapor lights, but the power consumption is reduced to the absolute minimum. The acquisition costs are manageable and possible errors in the application are not so serious. For experienced growers, the Expert Setup delivers the highest yields in quality and quantity. The exposure density here is up to 25% higher than with NDLs, yet energy costs can be saved by up to 35% with Expert Setup.

Technical details

  • Power consumption: 51 W
  • power factor: >0,95
  • Input voltage range: 120 - 240 V
  • PPF: 120 Ámol/ S
  • Module efficiency 2.7 Ámol/ J
  • radiation angle: 90░
  • emission wavelength range: 400 - 780 nm
  • permissible ambient temperature: 5░ - 35░ C
  • max. relative humidity: 90%
  • size of lamp: 174 x 80 x 55 mm
  • Lamp weight: approx. 630 gmm
  • Weight power supply incl. cable: 475 g
  • Protection class: IP40
  • 3 years warranty

SANlight Q1W S2.1 Gen2, 50W

Technical information