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Plagron Top Grow Box Terra, Starter set soil

Plagron Top Grow Box Terra, Starter set soil

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With this set, you can get started right away.
Everything a gardener needs for successful cultivation in soil.

The Top Grow Box Terra contains all of the nutrients a home gardener needs to bring fast-growing cultivated plants to an impressive yield, be it of flowers or fruits. This fertiliser package is a complete starter set for growing in soil, and contains enough fertiliser for a fully-packed grow tent (medium-sized to large), provided that you follow the feeding schedule.

This makes the Top Grow Box Terra an excellent choice for beginners with high demands, but also for all those who simply wish to try out the Plagron Terra system without having to buy all of the products in bulk.

The Top Grow Box Terra contains:

? Plagron Terra Grow, 100ml
? Plagron Terra Bloom, 1 litre
? Plagron Power Roots, 100ml
? Plagron Pure Enzyme, 100ml
? Plagron Green Sensation, 100ml

Plagron Terra Grow is a strong, yet balanced growth fertiliser, which gives you healthy plants with an abundance of chlorophyll. Terra Bloom is its counterpart for the flowering phase, both products are supplemented with selected plant aid substances, trace elements, and minerals.

This set is rounded out with the additional products from the Plagron Universal series: Plagron Power Roots ensures lavish, healthy root growth and therefore provides the perfect conditions for impressive blooms and rewarding yields. Pure Enzyme keeps the growing medium healthy and improves the plant?s metabolism.

Last but not least, the set contains a bottle of Green Sensation, Plagron?s sensational bloom booster. It is applied during the late flowering period and optimises the plant?s metabolism during these critical weeks. The result is significantly denser, healthier flowers or fruits and a significantly increased yield.

Note: Plagron Terra products are designed specifically for use with soil or soil-like substrates.

The manufacturer provides a comprehensive feeding schedule for easiest application.

Plagron Top Grow Box Terra, Starter set soil

Manufacturer: Plagron

Delivery contents:

1x Plagron Terra Grow, 100ml
1x Plagron Terra Bloom, 1 litre
1x Plagron Power Roots, 100ml
1x Plagron Pure Enzyme, 100ml
1x Plagron Green Sensation, 100ml

+ measuring cup and lighter

Weight: approx. 1.8kg