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ONA Gel Tropics, 500ml

ONA Gel Tropics, 500ml

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25,80 € per 1l

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ONA Gel Tropics, 0,5 litres

  • simple neutralization of unwanted odors
  • for growbox and growroom
  • 100% organic and environmentally friendly
  • very user-friendly

This gel in the fragrance Tropics neutralizes unwanted odors of any kind in a very simple way. The can is simply opened and the scent spreads by itself in the growbox. To support the distribution, the use of a small fan is recommended. If you want to increase the evaporation even more, you can also put the gel in a bowl or deep plate. Once opened, the gel will last for about four weeks. If you want to use it more sparingly, you can also simply drill holes in the lid and the gel will spread more slowly in the room.

Permanent and sustainable neutralization of odors

ONA, or Odor Neutralizing Agent, was developed in Canada and has been on the market since 1995. ONA not only masks odours, but neutralises them permanently and lastingly. ONA consists of a complex mixture of 32 essential oils and is completely natural and non-toxic. ONA can therefore be used without any concerns in the environment of humans and animals. The spectrum of action of ONA is very broad. A wide range of different or unpleasant odours are neutralised very effectively.

We also offer ONA gel in many other fragrances and packaging sizes.

ONA Gel Tropics, 0,5 Litre

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