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Metrop MR1, 250ml Metrop MR1, 250ml

Price: 18,90 €

7,56 € per 100ml - 19 % VAT incl.

available now

Healthy, lush, green plants and a strong root system are the requirements for lavish blooms and a substantial yield. That?s why we have, in addition to Metrop MR2, a special fertiliser for the flowering phase, Metrop MR1. This professional fertiliser provides your plant with all of the important macro- and micro-nutrients during the growth and pre-flowering phases.

Metrop Amino Root+, 1 litre Metrop Amino Root+, 1 litre

Price: 38,90 €

38,90 € per 1l - 19 % VAT incl.

not available

When reproducing plants, many growers encounter the problem that some cuttings turn out weak or die.