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Miron Weithalsgläser aus Violettglas, 500 ml

Miron Weithalsgläser aus Violettglas, 500 ml

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Miron Weithalsgläser aus Violettglas, 500 ml

  • perfect protection for storage
  • prevents the penetration of harmful UV radiation
  • large opening for easy filling
  • best possible aroma protection

Best shelf life due to optimal light protection

After the harvest, good light protection is an important issue when it comes to the extended shelf life and effectiveness of light-sensitive products. MIRON's wide-mouth jars are made of special violet glass that blocks the entire spectrum of visible light except for the violet component.

This natural filter protects valuable and sensitive substances from light-induced aging processes and contributes decisively to the preservation of aromas. MIRON's violet glass provides transmittance only for a certain portion of radiation in the spectral range of UV-A and infrared light. This unique combination activates and preserves the bioenergy or light energy of the stored products. These advantages have been confirmed by MIRON Violettglas AG in a series of tests with scientific institutions. MIRON wide-mouth jars are also manufactured to a very high standard, have a wide opening for easy filling or removal and also look very good. In practical use, MIRON's violet jars have proven their worth especially in the storage of green, chlorophyll-rich herbs and foods. MIRON's apothecary jars are standardized under strict supervision and offer the best possible light and aroma protection.

Directions for use:

Before use, it is best to rinse briefly with lukewarm water and allow to dry out well.

Technical details

  • Height with lid 148 mm
  • Diameter 79.8 mm
  • Empty weight 420 g
  • Filling volume 500 ml

Miron Weithalsgläser aus Violettglas, 500 ml

Technical information