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Low Budget Grow Tent Complete Kit L, 400W, 100x100x200cm

Low Budget Grow Tent Complete Kit L, 400W, 100x100x200cm

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Low Budget Grow Tent Complete Kit L, 400W, 100x100x200cm

  • Indoor grow on one square metre
  • Complete set with all accessories
  • ideal for beginners, easy to set up
  • Top price-performance ratio

The Low Budget Growbox Complete Set L, Economy 400 W is a perfectly matched, powerful grow set at a particularly attractive price. In this grow set with growbox from Secret Jardin you get all the components to get started quickly and easily in homegrowing on an area of 100x100 cm. Due to the usual maximum height of 2 m for grow boxes, this set is also ideally suited for large plants. Of course, it comes with illustrated assembly instructions.

Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS100, (100x100x200 cm)

The Hydro Shoot HS100 grow box from Secret Jardin offers indoor grow beginners a very affordable grow box that is very easy to work with. This grow box has a base area of 100x100 cm (1 sqm) with a height of 200 cm. According to the manufacturer Secret Jardin, the top material is absolutely lightproof despite its low thickness of 70D and thus reliably protects the plants from extraneous light (important in the flowering phase) as well as from disturbing light emissions in the living space.

Ventilation set 250 ECO

This set is the attractive solution for the ventilation of small to medium-sized grow boxes in which lamps up to max. 400 W are operated. Equipped with a tube fan, a long-life activated carbon filter, as well as all necessary accessories to connect these components to an exhaust system.
The activated carbon filter and fan are mounted in the box and the extracted exhaust air is discharged from the box through the enclosed aluminium flex hose. The resulting negative pressure in the grow box is usually sufficient to allow enough fresh air to flow in through the (open) air inlets of the grow box, so that an additional supply air system can be dispensed with. The continuous negative pressure reliably prevents the emission of odours. The tube fan from Ventilution can be operated at 2 power levels (23 W / 37 W), with a delivery volume of 220 / 280 m, which means that this unit can be well adapted to different ventilation needs, even without a dimmer.

PRO-V-T 2.0 ballast 400 Watt

For the operation of sodium vapour lamps (NDL/HPS) or metal halide lamps (MH), a ballast is always required. In this Grow Set, you will receive a conventional ballast from GIB Lighting, which is particularly convincing due to its high operational reliability. The PRO-V-T 400 does not require internal cable connections, has overheating protection and explosion-proof capacitors.

Philips SON-T PIA Plus, HPS 400W

The high quality sodium vapour lamp from Philips.
"SON-T PIA" (PIA = Philips Integrated Antenna) stands for the ignition technology used by Philips, which ensures increased reliability and a lower early failure rate. Those who prefer quality will make a solid choice with this lamp. The Philips SON-T Plus 400W provides high luminous flux stability (ideal in combination with an eVSG) and its colour temperature is in the red spectrum, making it an ideal bloom lamp.

Euro reflector with E40 socket

This reflector is the affordable classic and, as an entry-level model, is ideally suited for operating sodium vapour lamps, MH halogen lamps and energy-saving lamps. The multiple bending maximises the illumination area.

Additional accessories

The grow set is rounded off by the included, helpful accessories. These include the practical GrowPRO rope pull ratchets, with which lamps can be easily adjusted within the grow box at the required, best possible height. Also included is the GrowPRO 2-stage clip fan, perfectly suitable as a circulating fan in small grow boxes, as well as the battery-operated (1xAAA) GrowPRO thermometer & hygrometer with large, easy-to-read display, on which the important values of temperature and humidity, as well as time are shown simultaneously. The grow set is completed by the necessary cables.

Buy your grow box complete set on account

Whether you are a self-supporter, a cash cropper or simply a plant lover - in our grow tent sets your plants are always in good hands. At Growmart you can buy your growbox complete set on account. Write us an email or simply give us a call. We will be happy to advise you and deliver your customised growbox set quickly and neutrally packaged.

1x Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS100, 100x100x200cm
1x Ventilation set 250 ECO, exhaust ventilation & ACF
1x Euro reflector with E40 socket
1x Philips SON-T PIA Plus, HPS 400W
1x Ballast PRO-V-T 2.0, 400 Watt
1x Flexible moisture-resistant cable 1.5m
1x Cable - open both ends - 4 metres
1x GrowPRO rope ratchet set, infinitely adjustable
1x GrowPRO 2-speed clip fan, 15W
1x GrowPRO Thermometer & Hygrometer
Includes all required cables.

Low Budget Grow Tent Complete Kit L, 400W, 100x100x200cm

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