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LED Grow Kit Homebox Ambient Q120 + 2x Q6W, 490W

LED Grow Kit Homebox Ambient Q120 + 2x Q6W, 490W

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LED Grow Kit Homebox Ambient Q120 + 2x Q6W Gen2, 490W

This LED grow kit is a perfect set of components for rapidly and easily assembling and operating a fully functioning grow room with efficient LED grow lights.

The set consists of the following articles:
- Homebox Ambient Q120 (120 x 120 x 200 cm)
- 2x SANlight Q6W Gen2 Grow LEDs (2x 245 W)
- Ventilation set 250 PRO (Prima Klima extraction fan with 220/360 m3/h flow volume, carbon filter and accessories)
- 2x rope ratchet set, infinitely adjustable
- Legrand Omnirex Timer (analogue)

Perfectly matched components
The Homebox Ambient Q120 grow tent with an area of 1,44 square metre, the SANlight Q6W Gen2 grow LED (245 W) and the ventilation set 250 PRO are perfectly matched in size and power. This guarantees simple use, optimal plant growth with high yields, maximum energy efficiency and safe operation of the system. Other accessories ensure simple assembly and operation of the grow tent.

Homebox Q120 Ambient
As can also be expected with an original Homebox, the grow tent has robust zips, a fine insect screen, OmniFlow air vents and of course the reflecting PAR+ inner lining for optimal light utilisation.
The Homebox Q120 Ambient can be assembled or dismantled by one single person and promises safe (PVC-free) materials, robust workmanship and ease of use. When closed, the Homebox Q120 Ambient is completely light-proof. You can install both grow lights and ventilation kits with a carbon filter on the sturdy upper rod.
The package also includes a waterproof base as well as practical suspension belts for ventilation equipment.

2x SANlight Q6W Gen2
Two SANlight Q6W Grow LEDs, 2x 245 watts, are included in this set. The LEDs are highly efficient with perfect light control as well as passive cooling. The LED technology in the Q6W hardly generates any heat. The passive cooling used in the Q6W operates completely without fans or similar, meaning that no sound is generated and it does not require maintenance.

Ventilation kit 250 PRO
This coordinated ventilation kit contains a Prima Klima extraction fan with two power levels (45 W / 65 W). The fan extracts up to 220 m3 / 360 m3 of used air per hour from the grow tent. With a compatible carbon filter, fast clamp, 3.3 metres of flexible ducting and all accessories (for optional wall mounting), a ventilation system can be installed with minimal effort which will more than satisfy your needs.

Timer, cable ties and other accessories
Our hardware set is rounded off with a high-quality timer for controlling the grow lights or fans, as well as two sets with two practical cable ties for adjusting the height at which the LEDs are suspended (2x2 cable ties, each with cable and two carabiner hooks).

The complete set for optimal LED growing
By buying a complete set you will save up to 10% on the individual prices of the components as well as getting components that are perfectly compatible with one another. The set is easy to assemble (instructions enclosed) and can be used immediately.

LED Grow Kit Homebox Ambient Q120 + 2x Q6W Gen2, 490W

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