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Honeywell HT-900E Turbo Fan, 40W

Honeywell HT-900E Turbo Fan, 40W

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Extra quiet fan with 3 output levels - the Honeywell Avantgarde Turbo

The Honeywell Avantgarde Turbo Fan can be operated at three speed levels, can be mounted on a wall, and has a particularly versatile variable tilt. The fan is powerful and operates quietly. Additionally, the Honeywell brand is known for its excellent production, which means that this fan will have a long lifetime.

Suitable for grow tents and grow rooms of nearly all sizes.

Honeywell HT-900E Turbo Fan, 40W

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Adjustable: Yes, switch for 3 speed levels
Output: 40W
Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz??
Flow volume: up to approx. 740m3/h
Diameter: approx. 18cm?

Weight: approx. 1.4kg