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Homebox R240 Evolution, size: 240x120x200 cm

Homebox R240 Evolution, size: 240x120x200 cm

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The giant in the Homebox Evolution range.
Ample space for even the wildest gardening dreams.

The Homebox R240 is as big as two XL boxes put together, but holds the advantage that only one ventilation system is required in theory (however, you can indeed run two exhaust hoses out of the tent), and the lighting can be distributed more evenly across the grow area. For best results, we recommend operating either two lamps with up to 600W, or three lamps with 400W in the Homebox XXL. You can also achieve a higher output using an air-cooled grow lighting system (e.g. 2x 1,000W or 3x 600W). The necessary cable ports are present for this kind of setup, as is typical for Homeboxes. Like all Homeboxes, the XXL also comes with waterproof base sheeting, and in the XXL edition, the base covers the entire breadth of the tent, so that you can use the entire floor space of almost 3m2 without any problems.

The Homebox XXL can be used for winter storage of very large plants, but also for professional profit gardening, and there is even plenty of room for larger hydro systems in this tent. Like with all Homeboxes, the XXL can be assembled or disassembled by a single person and guarantees safe (PVC-free) materials, robust production, and easy handling. All homeboxes in the classic line are completely impervious to light when closed. You can install both lighting and ventilation systems with a carbon filter on the sturdy upper rod.

Note: The manufacturer discontinued the Silver line with Mylar interior sheeting in mid-2013, and now only offers the former Classic line (light-proof) in the PAR+ design. This features a reflective interior sheeting made from polyethylene, a non-toxic plastic, which is also used to make toys and food packaging. According to Homebox, the white interior sheeting reflects more photosynthetically convertible light than the material used in the Silver line, which is also where it got its name (PAR = photosynthetically active radiation). At the same time, the warmth (radiation) given off by the lighting can be better extracted from the box, which simplifies the climate control processes.

Homebox PAR+ XXL, Size: 240x120x200 cm

Manufacturer: Eastside Impex

Dimensions: W=240cm, D=120cm, H=200cm
Base area: 2.88 m2

Sealable air inlets: 4x (front, rear, left & right)
Air outlets (diameter: approx. 26cm) 2x (left & right upper side)
Cable inlets (diameter: approx. 10cm): 2x (upper left & right side)
Cable inlets (diameter: approx. 16cm): 2x (upper left & right side)

Exterior material: Polyester?
Interior material: PE (polyethylene)

Delivery contents:
1x Homebox XXL (tent, rods & connectors)
1x assembly instructions
1x waterproof base (240x120 cm)
8x suspension belts approx. 150cm

Weight: 23.9 kg