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Homebox Q300 Ambient, size 300x300x200 cm

Homebox Q300 Ambient, size 300x300x200 cm

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Q300 - it doesn?t get bigger than this! An enormous tent for abundant yields.

The largest Homebox Ambient grow tent ever! Ideally lit by nine 600-watt HID grow lights, the HOMEbox Ambient Q300 growbox provides a staggering nine square meters of growing space! Twin side access affords growers the opportunity to check on different areas of their crop quickly and easily. The six OmniFlow directable air vents provide fine-tuned control over air movement within the growing space. All components of a large, high-performance hydroponic system can be easily implemented thanks to the optimally-positioned connections and the adequate load capacity. This takes a lot of stress out of the work and allows your plants to thrive more magnificently than ever.

Size when assembled: 300x300x200 cm

Growing surface size: 9 m2

Homebox Q300 Ambient

Manufacturer: Eastside Impex

Dimensions: W=300 cm, D=300 cm, H=200 cm
Area: approx. 9 m2

- Removable, water-resistant flooring
- Solid base attached to the tent with a zip all the way around

- Tubes:
 + 100 mm: 2x roof/rear, 1 x left side, 1x right side + 200 mm: 1x right side, 1 x left side
 + 250 mm: 3x right side, 3 x left side
 + 300 mm: 2 x roof
- OmniFlow air vents: 6x diameter 250mm, 2x left, 2x right, and 2x rear

- 700-micron MicroMesh bug-screen
- Total-Blackout Zippers
? light-proof zips

- Maximum Capacity: 300 kg