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Homebox Q200 Ambient, size: 200x200x200 cm

Homebox Q200 Ambient, size: 200x200x200 cm

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The Homebox Q200 offers professional gardeners a growing area of 4 square metres. And indoors at that!

Windows on the right and left sides, the 22mm-thick frame rods, six OmniFlow air vents and many more special features allow the user to set up a grow tent to meet the highest professional demands. Up to four 600W grow lights are perfect for illuminating the four square metres of growing space.

New to the Homebox and now standard for the series, there are also two parallel ducts for installing air-cooled reflectors, and additional generous outlets in the roof. The interior enhanced with a PAR+ coating helps plants to grow stronger and thrive! All of these features allow for maintaining optimal temperatures, without reducing the air humidity in the grow area too much with excessive ventilation.

Size when assembled: 200x200x200 cm

Growing surface size: 4.00 m2

Homebox Q200 Ambient

Manufacturer: Eastside Impex

Dimensions: W=200 cm, D=200 cm, H=200 cm
Area: approx. 4 m2

- Removable, water-resistant flooring
- Solid base attached to the tent with a zip all the way around

- Tubes:
 +100 mm 2x roof/rear, 1 x left side, 1x right side
 + 200 mm: 1x right side, 1 x left side
 + 250 mm: 2x right side, 2 x left side
 + 300 mm: 2 x roof
- OmniFlow air vent: 6x diameter 250mm, 2x left, 2x right, and 2x rear

- 700-micron MicroMesh bug-screen
- Total-Blackout Zippers
? light-proof zips

- Maximum Capacity: 150 kg