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Homebox HomeLab 80L, 80x150x200cm

Homebox HomeLab 80L, 80x150x200cm

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Homebox HomeLab 80L, 80x150x200cm

  • rectangular grow box
  • very sturdy construction
  • 1.2 sqm growing area
  • with many air intake and exhaust flanges

For all growers who have more space in width than in depth, a rectangular grow box is often better suited than a square one. The HomeLab 80L homebox offers a whopping 1.2 square metres of growing space despite its space-saving depth of just 80 cm - enough for extensive harvests, whether you're a self-supporter or a cash cropper.

Quality materials neatly crafted

The HomeLab Series models feature high-quality tent walls made of black polyester fabric with sturdy zips. The silver inner coating is highly reflective, dirt-repellent and waterproof. The sturdy walls and tight zips also mean that neither light nor odours can penetrate to the outside.

Good ventilation, reliably sealing tubes and viewing windows

All tubes, whether cable or ventilation tubes, consist of two layers of material and a drawstring to close them. This makes them guaranteed light-tight and prevents exhaust air from escaping in the wrong places. Homelab has equipped the additional passive air inlets with insect protection nets with a mesh size of 700 ?m - the plants of your indoor grow are therefore protected from harmful intruders at all times. To allow you to see inside your grow box without unwanted air exchange, the HomeLab 80L has been equipped with crystal-clear viewing windows. This means you can easily read the instruments inside without odours getting into your home or your carefully set humidity and temperature values changing abruptly.

Stable frame with high load-bearing capacity and additional shelf

The Homebox HomeLab 80L is equipped with a very stable metal rod with 2x 50 kg load capacity. The individual rods are coated white and are mounted with particularly break-resistant connectors. Assembly is quick and uncomplicated and works without tools. Thanks to the robust frame construction, you can easily attach all the necessary exhaust elements and lamps to the upper rods and soon look forward to a successful harvest with high yields. The bottom of the grow box is of course waterproof and equipped with an additional removable shelf. This makes it easier for you to clean between two grows.

Lighting tip:

To illuminate your new HomeLab 80L in a power-saving and sustainable way, you can use two SANlight EVO 3-80, for example.

Technical details:

  • Width x depth: 80 x 150 cm
  • Height: 200 cm
  • Cultivation area: 1.2 sqm
  • Cable tubes: (2x) 100 mm
  • Ventilation tubes: (5x) 200 mm
  • maximum load: 50 kg

Homebox HomeLab 80L, 80x150x200cm

Technical information