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Homebox Ambient Q120 Grow kit 600W Economy

Homebox Ambient Q120 Grow kit 600W Economy

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Growbox Set Homebox Ambient Q120 Economy, 600 W

The 600W Economy Grow Kit is a complete hardware kit which includes everything you need to easily install a working grow room. The perfect match of the grow tent, lighting, and ventilation components guarantees easy operation, optimal energy efficiency, and increased safety for a home garden.

Designed for a 600W light output, this set is well-suited for bringing cultivated plants (such as tomatoes) to a substantial yield. The enlarged grow area can be used to house more plants concurrently. The Economy edition of this set comprises the optimally-priced variants of our complete hardware solution.

The Homebox Q120 Ambient is a grow tent from Eastside Impex and is considered to be a classic among grow tents. With measurements of 120 x 120 x 200 cm, the Homebox offers a lot of space.

Like all of our HPS sets, the 600W Economy grow kit also comes with a magnetic ballast by GIB Lighting. The set also includes a quality HPS lamp as well as a reflector and frame. As such, the 600W Economy grow kit offers a wide range of implementation options.

The 600W Economy grow kit guarantees sufficient air supply thanks to our 250 PRO grow tent ventilation set; in keeping with the versatility of this set, this powerful fan can be operated at two levels (45 W/ 65W) and extracts up to 360 m3 of used air out of the grow tent per hour. With a compatible carbon filter, fast clamp, as well as 3 metres of flexible ducting and all accessories (for optional wall mounting), a ventilation system can be installed with minimal effort that more than satisfies the needs of our complete kits.

Our hardware set is rounded out with quality accessories for time control of lighting and fans, as well as practical Easy Rollers for height-adjustable suspension of the reflector.

Technical information / Delivery contents:

Grow tent:
Homebox Q120 Ambient (120x120x200 cm)

PRO-V-T 2.0 magnetic ballast, 600W

Euro reflector, approx. 50 x 50 cm, inc. E40 socket

Elektrox Super Bloom HPS, 600W

Ventilation kit 250 PRO (45 W/ 65 W), 220/360m3, 160 mm connector inc. carbon filter and accessories

Omnirex Timer (analogue)
Flexible moisture-resistant cable 1.5 m
Cable - open both ends - 4 metres
EasyRollers Set, inc. screw set

Note: Cabling work is required. It should only be connected by an authorised specialist. The legal requirements (VDE guidelines) must always be met. CRP Import Export GmbH accepts no liability and provides no warranty coverage for damages to objects and persons caused by improper connection.