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Hesi pH-Up, 1 litre

Hesi pH-Up, 1 litre

10,90 €

10,90 € per 1l

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Hesi pH-Up, 1 litre - increases the pH value during growth and flowering

The same applies here as before:

In soil, the pH value sinks evenly, as the nutrients are stored there and are constantly released over a certain amount of time. That doesn?t apply to hydro and coco cultures, as these substrates don?t store any nutrients, but rather only serve to anchor the roots. Ideally, the pH value in these systems would be around 6, with a tolerable deviation of maximum 0.2. In hydro and coco systems, it is crucial that the irrigation water has the optimal pH value when the nutrients are provided, in order to enable maximal absorption.

pH fluctuations can have disastrous consequences; for example, a pH value that is too low can damage the roots; if the value is too high, the nutrients may no longer be absorbed evenly or sufficiently. Every plant prefers a consistent pH value.

Hesi uses 50% potassium hydroxide to raise the pH value, which it does slowly.


Ideally, carefully add drop by drop using a pipette until the desired pH level is reached.

Hesi pH Up, 1 litre

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