HOMEbox Q60+ LED Grow Set + 1x Lumatek ATS Pro 200W

  • 508 µmol/s LED lamp
  • 60 x 60 x 160 cm cultivation area
  • affordable starter set
  • with fan set and accessories
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HOMEbox Q60+ LED Grow Set + 1x Lumatek ATS Pro 200W

  • 508 µmol/s LED lamp
  • 60 x 60 x 160 cm cultivation area
  • affordable starter set
  • with fan set and accessories

The HOMEbox Q60+ included in this set can be really illuminated with the Lumatek ATS PRO 200W. You will be able to grow very successfully even on the space-saving area of 60 x 60 cm and will certainly be satisfied with your yields. In addition to the grow box, lamp, fan and activated carbon filter, the set also includes all the necessary connectors and useful accessories such as cable ratchets and timer.

HOMEbox Q60+ Ambient

A high-quality grow box is the be-all and end-all of successful indoor growing. The growboxes from Homebox impress with their particularly high strength and very easy assembly. Thanks to their exclusively developed PAR+ inner coating made of intelligent material, they achieve unparalleled reflection values. All Homebox plant tents are absolutely opaque and allow you to optimally regulate the air flow and indoor climate. In addition to the adjustable OmniFlow Airvents with insect protection, this grow box has a practical passage for cables and irrigation lines. With its white exterior design, it also blends in very unobtrusively with your home.

Lumatek ATS PRO 200W with full spectrum LEDs and Far Red

The Lumatek ATS PRO 200W delivers a PPF of 508 µmol/s with a power consumption of only 205 watts, making it a good choice as a light source for your grow box with a footprint of 60 x 60 cm. Due to the clever arrangement of the LEDs in two square lightbars, a very even light distribution is achieved. Compared to conventional lamps, you save a lot of electricity with a modern LED grow lamp like the ATS PRO 200W and also have no problems with hotspots and waste heat. It is designed as a full-spectrum lamp and is therefore very suitable for all development phases of your plants. In addition to the white LEDs, Lumatek also installs Far Red LEDs for improved growth and flowering behaviour. Due to the passive cooling, the ATS PRO 200W works completely without any noise and can be dimmed in five steps between 20 % and 100 %. This allows you to perfectly adjust the output to the light requirements of cuttings and for the growth and flowering phase. Especially in the initial phase of your indoor growing, dimming helps you avoid unnecessary electricity costs, as the efficiency of the LEDs is maintained even at low dimming levels.

Ventilation set 160 ECO

The ventilation set 160 ECO contains everything you need to ventilate a compact grow box. The flow rate can be regulated in two stages: You can choose between 145 m³/h and 187 m³/h (15 W / 25 W). This allows you to adjust the air volume to your needs. The activated carbon filter reliably cleans the exhaust air from annoying odours, so you can also set up your grow box without an external connection if necessary. The resulting negative pressure prevents odours from escaping through the supply air openings, which is why the fan should run continuously if possible. Of course, an aluminium flex hose, connection sleeves and hose clamps are also included in the set.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Homebox Q60+
  • 1x Lumatek ATS Pro 200W
  • 1x exhaust air set 160 ECO
  • 1x accessories
Growbox Space: 60x60
Lighting Brand / Type: Lumatek Grow Sets
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